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Advanced Management Investment Solutions


APA Financial Services Limited ABN 36 057 046 607 is listed on the ASX with the stock code APP.

Prior to its ASX listing in 2006, APP undertook a capital raising to provide funding for the continued development of a sophisticated portfolio administration platform for use by the financial advisory community, with particular focus on self-managed superannuation funds.

During 2008 the business and IT platform were sold to Sydney based OneVue Holdings Limited while APP retained various marketing rights for Australia and New Zealand via a subsidiary entity Australian Portfolio Administration Partners Pty Ltd. Subsequently, on 31 December 2009, the shares in APAPL were swapped for direct equity in the OneVue group, which will continue to develop the original platform in conjunction with other OneVue products.  See www.onevue.com.au for information regarding the OneVue product range.

APP is now an ASX listed company with a single investment asset being a shareholding interest in OneVue plus cash and various tax assets (subject to legislation). The company is not encumbered by borrowings or legal obligations other than normal regulatory requirements.

The board of APA Financial Services Limited is currently assessing investment opportunities for the company, particularly in its current activity field which is broadly described as “Financial and Information Technology Services. For further information regarding investment options, please contact any of the directors via the email form on the Contacts page.

Information about the financial background to the company can be downloaded from the ASX website under code APP.  The link for the site is ASX.

Company Announcements

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