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Australian Dairy Farms Group – Australia’s ASX listed Dairy Farmer


Australian Dairy Farms Group listed on the ASX on Tuesday 28 October 2014 with the stock code “AHF”.

Australian Dairy Farms Group (the Group) is a stapled security which comprises a unit in Australian Dairy Farms Trust and a share in Australian Dairy Farms Limited

The Group lodged a Prospectus and Public Disclosure Statement with ASIC and ASX on 20 August 2014 and successfully raised new capital of $9.3 million from a range of international and domestic Australian institutional investors complemented by retail investors.

The top 20 security holder list includes large professional investors from Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. These investors have expressed confidence in the Group and the Australia Dairy industry.

The broad strategy for the Australian Dairy Farms Group is as follows:

Information about the financial background to the company can be downloaded from the ASX website under code AHF
























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